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Check out our current running promotions and save big on your order before you complete checkout!
*One coupon per order. Excludes Clearance, Doorbusters and Expanded Assortments.
Check out our current running promotions and save big on your order before you complete checkout!
*One coupon per order. Excludes Clearance, Doorbusters and Expanded Assortments.
Check out our current running promotions and save big on your order before you complete checkout!
*Only one coupon may be used per order. Excludes Clearance, Doorbusters and Expanded Assortments.

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Black Lace Up Single Sole Booties Faux Leather
Style: shoes-booties-dmf-timeless-012black
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Regular Price: $44.99

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You will be head over heels for these saucy little numbers! They will perfectly compliment any outfit for any occasion! Make sure to add these to your collection, they definitely are a must have! The features for these single sole booties include a faux leather upper with a front lace up tie design, pointed closed toe, studded detailing, stitched trim, back zipper closure, smooth lining, and cushioned footbed. Approximately 4 1/2 inch heels.

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Regular Price: $44.99

Special Price $28.55

Each compartment must have been glued together and the glue is now coming apart I would not recommend to buy this item not worth your money it only lasted about three times of using it not big enough for cell phones Don't care what size cell phone you have The card holder pockets are too small for your credit cards once you get them in there you can't get them out
I am one of those older ladies that have used this Red for many years. I love it and it works great for me. Always received many compliments when wearing Red. I could not find it anywhere this past Dec. and decided to try Amazon. I ordered two different sizes, and the price was reasonable; but for the first time ever I have a problem. It is evaporating or leaking, and at this time, half of the large bottle is empty. Disappointing for sure. I would like to return it and try another bottle, but how would I do it at this time.
Great fit! Can easily put a helmet or another hat over it without it feeling restricted!
Stylish right out of the box and good looking. indy pin is not even noticeable and gives a good accent.
These are good sunglasses for the money. I'd rate them as a higher quality "cheap sunglasses." First thing you should do is check your rubber covers for the "temples," the part that rests on your ear. One of mine was completely loose and got lost while I was wearing them. Before I found the cover, RIVBOS did allow me to order a replacement pair free of charge, but then I canceled once I found it. I cleaned it and applied a bit of super glue and that seems to have fixed the problem.

The reflective surface of the lens seems to be holding it's sheen. On other "cheap sunglasses" the mirror surface will sometimes wear quickly.

As advertised, it comes with a nice soft-cloth cover and zip up case, but I would much rather have a couple extra dollars of quality put into the sunglasses than a carrying case, IMHO.
I love these UW. Light, extra fabric in the right spot.
Got them as a gift for my husband. He is in love with them. Says they are his favorite pair ever. And he has gone through quite a few to know!
I bought this wallet to replace one that I'd had for eighteen or twenty years. I've had it for several months now, and have no complaints. Note that the ID window is accessed from the left.
excellent quality and well sized
They better stay with shirts!
It is pretty and practical it is perfect for my granddaughter. It's a real watch waterproof and shockproof. I do wish the buttons were labeled so I didn't have to look at the directions to figure out setting up the time
Me gust mucho, la mochila y ms el detalle que le pusieron dentro gracias.
I have recently rediscovered Shrink to fit. Amazing. Perfect fit, durable, great looking jeans. I was tired of paying 100-200 for jeans that while nice, were not worth the money and fell apart far too quickly. My only advice, buy your waist size, and 1-2 inches too long, soak them in hot water, hang them up to drip for a bit, then pat dry with a dark towel ( so it does not stain). Then wear until dry. I tried a pair one size up in the waist and they ended up too big and baggy, even using the washing and drying method. You can't go wrong if they fit before getting wet and you wear them to dry, otherwise it seems difficult to get the shrinkage just right. Good luck. It is well worth it. Best jeans I have owned in years.
Fast delivery and great quality product! Can't beat the price!
They give bags like this away for free when shopping at certain stairs. Horrible fabric and quality.
I would like to give less stars just to get people to read my review, since many people don't read 5 star reviews (and there are so many, already). But these socks are amazing. SO SOFT (inside and out) at 92% cotton. Some socks seem soft on the outside but are rough on the inside.

I especially like the larger sock for larger feet. Too many sock are supposed to fit all sizes. When those come out of the dryer I have to pull an yank to get them on. Other socks are way to tight to try and sleep on, while these are super comfortable without being too hot. I am size 12/13 and these are perfect. They don't shrink in hot water or in a high heat dryer. They are NOT padded on the bottom, so they may be too thin for some of my shoes that I bought for super thick socks (like hiking).

I even like the minimal packaging. It comes in a simple vacuum sealed bag. Easy to store extra unopened socks since it takes up so little space and is rigid so you can stack them easily. No plastic "staples" that you have to hunt for to release your new socks (and end up putting holes in them). The best!
Good Thermal for one time use , after you wash it useless.
fit is great, comfortable..... but I've had 1/6 so far unravel in the wash in a month. The elastic waistband started separating from the fabric, and long strand of nylon wrapped around everything else in the wash! Also, they retain odor, and start smelling 'musty' even right out of the wash.
Used this bag and Loved it until this started happening. Trying to figure out a way to keep the strap on when carrying the bag. It keeps popping out.
Received this as a Christmas gift from my children.

First let me start with the good:
Love the size- fits in my scrubs pocket
Beautiful color
Small ID case included

Came with a broken Coin zipper. Tried numerous times, it wont zip properly
Leather isnt as soft as Id hoped.

Will return and get another, hopefully this is a lone zipper malfunction. Will update once received replacement
These jeans are pretty much what I expected compared to all the other Levi's I've owned over the years. They look and fit just fine. They were made in Bangladesh unlike other pairs of 550s I own that were made in the USA, Egypt and Colombia. I'd prefer American made but I will be buying another pair in the near future no matter where they're made.
Over all quality seems fine, but fit was way too small. Normaly 4XL is very loose on me. These 4XLT fit like a 3X or maybe a 2X. Not pleased at all.
Quality is better than expected for the price. It's a bit bigger than I expected but that's a matter of taste. Also, the amber shade is lighter than I expected, but that' also a matter of taste. I would prefer a shade darker on the lenses. I can't fault the product for my dislikes, but I leave this as a warning for someone comparing purchases.
Bright colors,washes well-colors stay bright,no shrinkage.
Amazing quality
We purchased this small cell phone purse for our granddaughter. We love the color and size. When the purse arrived, we were really pleased with the overall quality and design. Would recommend for others who just want a small purse for their cell phone and some cash and / or credit cards and ID.
Its warm and if it lasts for 70 years it will never go out of style.
I love the size and look of this purse! It holds a lot of stuff and looks nice.